Teamwork, experience, innovation and respect for the environment: these are the elements that build up the Citterio Line identity and represent the cornerstone of a corporate philosophy which revolves around the individual.

Teamwork: this is our first objective without which no product could take shape. Each product comes from the requirements of our customers and must be manufactured with the utmost care for the slightest detail. Human bonds are essential since they tell about the everyday needs. Our challenge: being always ahead and develop solutions for the future and top quality products. Job satisfaction and awareness of having achieved our goals are the reasons of the enthusiam and motivation on which our activity is based.

Experience: passion and strong corporate culture lead us every day to express the highest Italian made quality. We strive for each product to be different, timeless but always up-to-date. Our goal is to create a constructive relationship with customers, offer effective and quick solutions, and taking up new challenges from the market.

Innovation and research: today customers require innovative and exclusive solutions in very short time. The whole process from the idea to the design and up to production in studied in each and every step. The final product is conceived as an object of modern design and extremely innovative in its materials, combinations and finishes. The recovery of an ancient artistic tradition is a unique heritage that only experience can provide.

Respect for the environment: respect for environment is an essential aspect of our philosophy. We pay special attention to the impact on environment of every design and production process and we constantly invest in the development of products and processes aimed at protecting the environment and human health.

The company is certified UNI EN ISO 14001:2004