Creating with the utmost care refined handles that last over time and arouse emotions: these are the objectives of all our programmes and projects.

Looking into the future: this is our challenge to constantly improve ourselves and foresee the market trends in constant evolution. For us the handle is an essential detail, which gives character to the furniture item, emphasizing its lines and creating movement, and is often the centre of the entire project.

Guaranteeing quality and value over time: our handles are created to “make a difference” and become important components in the environment in which they are located and, most of all, to last over time. From modern, minimal and almost invisible handles to design pieces, from an accurate selection of materials to every step of the manufacturing process, we guarantee maximum reliability over time.

Exploring beauty and functionality: all our handles are designed to be practical, useful and aesthetically appealing. Every single product must be valorised without renouncing functionality and the integration in the space in which it is located; it must be versatile and define the design of the furniture item; it must determine its character without being invasive.

Constant research for new solutions: we constantly design and manufacture new models investing in research for new materials and infinite combinations, also thanks to the collaboration of all our suppliers, in order to offer innovative state of the art solutions.