Environmental policy

Citterio Line respects and protects the environment

On 02/12/2005 Citterio Line obtained Environmental Certification in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001, stating the company's commitment to reducing negative environmental impacts of industrial activities.

Citterio Line has obtained this certification as an important action for protecting the environment and improving environmental performance through an accurate management of its resources.
Citterio Line commits to comply with the requirements established by law and with any other obligation by adopting a management system that allows dealing positively with issues concerning the environment.

To achieve its goals, Citterio Line promotes research and the use of adequate resources, technologies, techniques, methods, solutions and management systems, informing all levels about these objectives, so that everyone will feel involved in their achievement.
Citterio Line verifies the adequacy of its environmental policy and the achievement of the set goals during the Management review and defines new goals, targets and improvement plans.


The company's strategic goals regard:

  • raising awareness within the organisation on environmental issues by means of aimed training courses and the involvement of all the personnel;
  • spreading the environmental policy within and outside the company;
  • identification of the environmental aspects regarding the production site and evaluation of the impacts on the territory;
  • prevention and reduction of all forms of pollution;
  • prevention and control of any emergency situation;
  • definition of environmental indicators and targets;
  • communication of results of the environmental management using adequate tools;
  • understanding and prompt reply to the requirements and orientations of the community;
  • constant attention to consumption, production of waste and limitation of significant environmental impacts.